2020.2 Release - adding Amos

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2020.2 Release - adding Amos

Hi everyone,

I have a trial build of the OEB including Amos now up on GitHub.

See in the artifacts/ directory for a PDF etc.

A downloadable MS Word file of Amos is at:

Please let me know any obvious showstoppers!

The plan would be to let this settle for a bit then if there are no objections to move it to a full release.

Amos is the last of the Twelve to be done. After this, the next stage in the plan* is to move to the major prophets, starting with Isaiah.

We are lucky to have a McFadyen translation of Isaiah which is easier to work with then the versions we’ve been working from for the minor prophets so hopefully it won’t be too long in doing. 

I hope you are all safe and well in these strange times!