Children's book released based on OEB

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Children's book released based on OEB

Hi guys,
I’ve been contacted by Miriam, who has told me about her children’s book (for 3 - 7 year olds) incorporating verses from the OEB:

The imprint page contains the following:

This book uses quotations from the OEB – Open English Bible an open source, copyright free version of the Bible. I acknowledge and thank them for their work and generosity in making the Bible available for use without cost and restrictions. For more information see

The book description if you want to use it anywhere is:

24 opportunities to reflect on an element of the arrival of Jesus 
• Simple and inspiring activities and reflections 
• Assistance to build a Biblical understanding for children aged 3-7 about the arrival of Jesus 
• Create a wonder-filled and worshipful attitude in your home as you lead up to Christmas 

Written by teacher, speaker and communicator Miriam Fisher. Motivated by a desire to provide theologically sound, simple, and meaningful ways to celebrate and anticipate Christmas together. 

Meaningful, Achievable, Biblical, Joyful 

Thank you for helping make the OEB available so that it can be used in all these different ways!
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Re: Children's book released based on OEB

Nice! Very fun....