Jonah and Obadiah OK, now can build for Accordance

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Jonah and Obadiah OK, now can build for Accordance

Hi y’all,

I’ve added a new Accordance builder to the USFM-Tools, so now I can build books in a way which allows me to import them into Accordance ( ). This makes it much faster for me to do checks on books for missing verses, obviously badly translated phrases etc.

As a result of that I’ve done a pass of two of the minor prophets - Jonah and Obadiah - and brought them up to a standard which I think is OK for adding them to the next release.

I’ve also started building a table showing each book, its status and links to the usfm and a word .docx file to make it easier to read and comment on them.

Does anyone have a particular piece of Bible software which would help them work on the OEB?

Hope you are all well and that life is keeping you busy!