Pistis Christou - Faith in Christ / Faithfulness of Christ?

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Pistis Christou - Faith in Christ / Faithfulness of Christ?

Brian J. Henry
Been reading up on the New Perspective on Paul lately, heh.

Richard Hays, N.T. Wright, Timothy Luke Johnson, and quite a few other scholars (some with the NPP, some not), along with the NET and the CEB (in most cases), and the KJV (funnily enough) all go with the subjective genitive "of Christ."
Nyland explicitly states it is faith IN not faith OF on multiple verses, but says nothing more.
Was wondering what thoughts are on this. I'm for it. Also, are footnotes not a thing we're doing, or...?

The relevant passages, with the alternate translations that I have:
3.21 But now, quite apart from Law, the divine righteousness stands revealed, and to it the Law and the prophets bear witness — 22 the divine righteousness which is bestowed, through <faith in> [the faithfulness of] Jesus Christ, on all, without distinction, who believe < in him>.
Michael J. Gorman, Wright, NET, CEB: faithfulness of
3.26 as a proof, I repeat, at the present time, of his own righteousness, that he might be righteous in our eyes, and might pronounce righteous the person who takes their stand on <faith in Jesus> [the faithfulness of Jesus].
NET: who lives because of Jesus’ faithfulness.
Gorman: who has [or "shares in"] the faithfulness of Jesus
Wright: who trusts in the faithfulness of Jesus

2.16 ...know that no one is pronounced righteous as the result of obedience to Law, but only through <faith in Christ>[the faithfulness of] Jesus [Christ]. So we placed our faith in Christ Jesus, in order that we might be pronounced righteous, as the result of <faith in>[the faithfulness of] Christ, and not of obedience to Law; for such obedience ‘will not result in even one soul's being pronounced righteous.’
Gorman, NET, CEB: the faithfulness of
Wright: the faithfulness of; on the basis of the Messiah's faithfulness
2.20 I have been crucified with Christ. So it is no longer I that live, but it is Christ who lives in me; and, as for my present earthly life, I am living it by <faith in>[the faithfulness of] the Son of God, who loved me and gave himself for me.
Wright, Gorman, NET, CEB: the faithfulness of
3.22 But the words of scripture represent the whole world as being in bondage to sin, so that the promised blessing, dependent, as it is, on <faith in>[the faithfulness of] Jesus Christ, may be given to those who have faith < in him>.
Wright, Gorman, NET, CEB: the faithfulness of

3.9 any righteousness that I have being, not the righteousness that results from Law, but the righteousness which comes through <faith in>[the faithfulness of] Christ — the righteousness which is derived from God and is founded on faith.
Gorman, CEB: the faithfulness of Christ
NET: Christ's faithfulness
Wright: Messiah's faithfulness

3.12 And in union with him, and through <our trust in him>[his faithfulness], we find courage to approach God with confidence.
Wright: through his faithfulness
NET: Christ's faithfulness

2.1 My friends, are you really trying to combine <faith in>(?) Jesus Christ, our glorified Lord, with the worship of rank?
Wright: as you practice the faith of
CEB: when you show favoritism you deny the faithfulness of
I tried to avoid proposing any changes to the surrounding sentences, but this one will take some switching around.
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Re: Pistis Christou - Faith in Christ / Faithfulness of Christ?

Good questions, will read up and think over this later this week... Tim