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Hi guys,

I’ve just pushed some commits to to the usfm which look like they’re changing a lot of files.  These changes are cleaning up out USFM so it is as near to the Paratext standard for USFM as possible. There’s almost no real changes in there :) Lots of moving round spaces etc, and some nice cleanup to our quote marks which now should be hopefully all correct (at least in the books in the general release)

This dovetails with the changes I’ve pushed to our USFM rendering software which generates our word docs, PDFs etc from the USFM. This software now expects more compliant USFM - its less forgiving - but the tradeoff is that it is easier to get the right sort out output. I’ve also added a new .rtf renderer which creates nice files which can be opened in a very large number of word processors (including Word)