This week in OEB - Release of OEB 2014.11

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This week in OEB - Release of OEB 2014.11

Biggest event was the release of OEB 2014.11, including NT, Psalms, Ruth and Esther! Woohoo!

I've put up a blog post and will also post on our facebook page.

I've been investigating alternatives to our BibleBrowser. Crosswire's 'study' is far too complex to install, requiring CORBA and JVM etc. is a good possibility and I spent some time looking at it. I think it is doable. Also continued to look into customising PocketSword for use in OEB. The developer, Nic, pointed me at the source code so I'll see how hard it is to build.

There was discussion on the mailing list on submitting OEB to the major online Bible repositories, and people have started working again on comments.