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Hi guys,
Yes I’m afraid we have been through a bit of a dormant phrase, which is down to me and my work/family/life (rightfully) demanding time and energy from me.

Your emails are timely though, because I have been meaning to ‘reboot’ the project and get it going again. I continue to get emails from people who are or intend to use the OEB in their own projects, either as is or altered, and so I think there is a purpose to finishing the OEB!

There is a lot of improvement we could do to the NT, but I would really like to focus on getting the OT done so we have a complete release. There is also a bunch of stuff on my computer I need to push to Github.

I’ll set out my thoughts on a more concrete timetable and plan shortly, as part of making the road from here more transparent and clear to everyone.

On translation philosophy, I’ve always had in the back of my mind that the OEB could be in part a ‘meta translation’ - sort of a collection of related translations. We already keep track of American vs other English spellings for example, and from that generate different versions.

How would you express your translation philosophy, Israel? 

Best wishes, Russell

On 15 Nov 2018, at 8:26 am, Israel Rhoden [via Open English Bible] <[hidden email]> wrote:

Great question! I follow this list, because I enjoy seeing and sometimes participating the discussion when it does occur from time to time.  (Which is mostly just you 😄 )

It is great that such a project exists, but that said, the translation philosophy does not quite align with mine, so while I enjoy the occasional interaction, I am put off from any form of attachment or commitment to be involved in a serious way.

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