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There are a bunch of nice mobile apps, and I’ve spoken to some of them in the past. Most would prefer to wait until the OEB is complete rather than having a partial translation still in flux.

We are in the Crosswire Sword ecosystem - - but their mobile story isn’t too great and their apps have historically been of the ‘Bible as Database’ school. That is, you can cut, dice, search, compare and list individual verses but the apps don’t naturally lend themselves to seeing each book of the Bible as a coherent text to be read with nice formatting, headers, poetry etc

I’m not knocking that approach - I use it heavily in Accordance when doing the OEB. But once the OEB is translated I want to read it!

Having our own, even if very simple, would let us easily push out new versions and also maybe development versions of books (with an appropriate warning) 

On 16 Jan 2019, at 2:24 am, Timchambers [via Open English Bible] <[hidden email]> wrote:

A strong second to find a good Bible Mobile App willing to take on the OEB as the default or at least major choice of translation. Did we try outreach before to innovative Bible apps?

Here is one I've been looking at lately:

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